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Chronos Specifications

CHRONOS - hardware and interface options

Applicable Hardware

    Control of multiple PALs including PAL RTC and available PAL Options
    Support of DualPAL systems
    Support of Balances from Mettler Toledo
    Support of liner exchange in a GL Sciences Linex system
    Support of Anton Paar Abbemat Refractometer
    Support of Gilson dilutors for sample dilutions
    Support of SPME fiber changer
    Support of ITEX functions
    Support of 2D Barcode Reader from Axel Semrau
    Control of peristaltic pumps for liquid handling
    Support of IKA-Shaker
    Support of Bandelin Digitec Ultrasonic Bath
    Support of ZPL Printer
    Support of IKA RCT Heater/Stirrer plates

    Programmability of Valco valves over a serial interface
    Call up external programs for data interpretation from within the method
    reading of gravimetric data from a Mettler balance

All encompassing functionality

    Management of multiple sample lists
    Management of priority samples
    Customizable sample list for easy user interface adjustments
    Easy navigation through bundling of tasks
    Comfortable functions to create task lists
    Free choice of units with helpful proposals
    Simple cut/copy/paste functions
    Automatic reports permit fast control
    Optimized time sequence, especially in combination with the barcode reader
    CSV import options, e.g. for LIMS integration
    Simple PDF generation from the method
    Access to xlsx files - in reading and editing mode
    Improved keyboard control within the sample list
    Extended printing options and improved printout of sample lists
    Ability to send SMS messages
    Interfaces to many external software packages

Applicable Chromatography and MS Data Systems

    Sciex Analyst 1.41 and higher
    Bruker MS Workstation 8.2
    Waters MassLynx 4.1
    Thermo Omnic 9
    Agilent Masshunter B07, B06 (GC)
    Agilent Masshunter LC
    DataAppex Clarity Vs. 3.0 and higher
    Shimadzu Labsolutions
    Chromperfect 6.0.1 and higher
    GL Sciences Evolution Workstation
    Thermo Xcalibur 1.4 up to, LC and GC
    Agilent Chemstation, GC, LC and MSD
    Open Lab Chemstation C01.06 und C01.07
    EZChrom Vs. 3.21 and higher

    Import and export of sequences in ChemStation and Xcalibur or cvs-format
    Direct integration in LIM-Systems from ICD

Updates are easy to implement, existing methods can be transferred in a simple and safe way.


Axel Semrau® has developed CHRONOS in cooperation with the University of Bochum. 2011, Axel Semrau® and CTC Analytics signed a contract for a long-term development cooperation agreement. The combination of professional programmers, IT specialists and experienced chemists who are in close contact to customers is the key for a practical solution of highest quality. The software and solutions based on CHRONOS and Sample Control will be provided and maintained all over the world by Axel Semrau® and the distribution partners of CTC Analytics.


Please contact us for a web presentation or a demo version of this unique software solution.

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